Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuxedo Strawberries

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Tuxedo Strawberries

An easy snack for any occasion.

I used those melty little disks and "nuked" them for a few seconds in a shallow dish, 
stirred and gave them a few more seconds.

The strawberries I rinsed and let dry on a towel.
I used red hot candies for the buttons.

First I dipped the "shirt fronts" with white or vanilla melty.
Immediately add the red hot to let it stick in the melted white candy.
By the time I did about a dozen, the first ones were hard enough to add
the brown part. I melted the candy in the microwave for a few seconds
not melting the wafers totally. Stirring them made them smooth.

On my first one, I ended up with chocolate all over my fingers,
so I came up with stabbing the stem end with a toothpick and then
rotating the berry for each side.

"Quality control" had to test the last one because my dish was full.

Taking them to our "sing" tonight.

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