Friday, February 21, 2014

Fresh Fruit Cobbler

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There's nothing like the taste of fresh fruit.

In season it can be rather overwhelming, though.

We have many apple trees and when it is apple time,
we are hard pressed to use up all the fruit.
The same holds true with berries,
and other fruits.

Here is a recipe that can be used with fresh or frozen
or even canned fruit.

It is very simple.
1 Cup flour
1 Cup sugar
1 Cup milk
1 stick butter
4 Tbsp baking powder

My local grocery store carries freshly frozen fruit in 1 lb bags.
It is simply fruit, with nothing added.
Here is a bag of frozen peaches.
It makes roughly about 4 cups.
I added about 1/4 cup sugar and let it sit for a few minutes while I prepared the other ingredients.

Melt 1 stick of butter (margarine can be used if you like)

In a bowl, mix 1 Cup all purpose flour,
1 cup granulated sugar,
and 4 Tbsp baking powder

Kinda mix it up a little and then

Add 1 cup milk.
A tiny splash of vanilla extract makes this taste and smell even more wonderful.
Mix it up, it will be kinda thin, about like pancake batter.

Pour it over the melted butter. Don't mix.
That's right, batter on the bottom, don't worry it will turn out right.

Take your sweetened fruit and place it over the top of the batter/butter
Arrange it so that the fruit is evenly distributed, so that everyone gets a bite or two.

Sprinkle on a little cinnamon and bake.
This is a before it baked picture, sorry I just seem to forget
to take the after, I am so eager to jump in and sample.

The batter will surround the fruit like a down comforter surrounds you.
It will come up over the fruit and the fruit will disappear in fluffy goodness.

Bake it at 350' for around 45 min to a hour, depending on if the batter is still gooey in the center.
if so, let it cook a little longer.

Easy, so much so, you can allow you 10 year old to experiment with
cooking, if you are really adventuresome.

I have used peaches, apples and berries for this recipe.
They have all been awesome.

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